I’m Adrian Artiles

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I’m a developer and entrepreneur from Chicago now living in San Francisco. I’m the founder of Kionin, an organization the builds high quality technology companies.

Here I ramble about things such as software development, building startups, and living life. Turtle Power.

Local Webhook Testing and Exposing Localhost to the Internet With Ngrok

Recently I was working on incorporating some Stripe webhooks, but quite naturally I wanted to test it and iterate locally. Having to write some code, commit, merge it to master, deploy to production, and then finally test, is just way too long of a feedback loop.

I wanted to be able to expose my localhost to the internet so I can test the webhooks locally, and I found the perfect tool in ngrok!

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Write Like You Mean It

It has been one year and one day since my last post. That is a problem.

Earlier this week on a sidewalk I loudly proclaimed that I will write more often and regularly. This was never a real goal for me in the past, however I have decided that writing has become a priority for me, and chances are this is something you have considered too.

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The Making of GitRep.com

For the longest time I had an annoying problem; I found it difficult to find and compare open source software. What’s the best jQuery library for x, or a more updated version of gem y?

After discovering I was not alone in this torture, I spent a few weeks building and launching GitRep. Read on to learn a little about some decisions, both technical and business, made in its making and its launch.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Despite having so much information accessible, we often fail to take full advantage of available resources and benefit from the work of others. When it comes to trying to grow as a developer, this is an excellent way to stunt your growth.

Since it is not easy to sift through and distill the knowledge of a community, I wanted to share some of the work I’ve already done in this regard with software development.

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Instagram jQuery Plugin Fix

When I decided I wanted to incorporate an Instagram “widget” of some sort on my site, I decided on the jquery.instagram.js plugin since it looked easy to use and flexible.

However when I finally got it working on the site, I noticed there were some issues with the stream.

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Why I Chose Jekyll/octopress Over Wordpress

When I chose to revamp AdrianArtiles.com from a static site to something that I can share work and writings on, I quickly set to work whiteboarding everything I wanted from the new site. This narrowed my choice to two options for the framework; wordpress, and octopress/jekyll.

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